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Learn more about the Electrical solutions, Asheville's locally owned and operated residential Electrical Service Experts, can provide for your home! Local Electricians you and your family can trust to custom design electrical solutions for each and every homeowner's unique electrical needs and budget. Call us today to schedule your free in-home Electrical consultation, with a local state licensed Electrician TODAY!

Residential Electrical Service and Upgrade Specialists

At Down Home Electric, we provide top notch Electrical service and repairs to each and every client who invites us into their home. Starting with our complementary on-site consultation with a Masked and Vaccinated, experienced state licensed Electrician, each homeowners wants, and needs are accessed. During the consultation, our Electricians have the know how to ask the right questions, to build the custom-tailored solutions our customers demand, for today's modern electrical systems. From Lighting upgrades to troubleshooting and repairs, and suggested electrical safety solutions, you can trust our local electricians to treat your home and your family as if they were their own. Your family's safety and satisfaction are our top priorities! Call Down Home Electric today to schedule your free in-home estimate!

Down Home Electric Services

Residential Electrical Service and Repairs

Breakers, switches GFCIs and receptacles, fixtures and appliances, our homes are filled with potential headaches. These Headaches are our specialty. Down Home Electric provides a top-notch team of Electrical Professionals, with the know how to get the lights back on, and your life back up and running.

When The lights go out, it is Down Home Electrics time to Shine.

Your homes electrical system is not something to play with. When problems arise trust your electrical system will be repaired, by trained individuals, whose priority is the safety and reliability you should expect from your homes systems.

Led Retrofitting

Today LED retrofitting can not only save you money on your monthly electrical bills, but they can also enhance the look and feel of your home. Newer LED lamps and fixtures come in a variety of colors and styles to fit any application. From retrofitting your existing fluorescent fixtures, to updating those tired can lights, LEDs can really revamp your living or workspace.

Fluorescent fixture retrofit kits can bring new life to your old strip lights be it in the garage or the kitchen, without the need for fixture replacement. These LED retro fits utilize your existing fixtures, vastly improving their performance, without the need to repaint or do touch up around the old fixtures.

Can lights can be a great low-profile addition to any living space by adding light directly where you need it. Almost any Can lighting application can benefit not only from the added energy savings of switching to LED, but new LED trims and retrofits have an even cleaner look and better more even light distribution and reduced need for replacement of potentially hard-to-reach lightbulbs. Coupled with the correct dimmer switch, LED Can lighting retrofits can vastly transform your living space.

Ceiling fan Installation

Nothing is better on those long hot summer days, than a nice cool breeze. Bring that refreshing feeling with you into your bedroom living room, or wherever you want by installing a ceiling fan. Proper installation is imperative, when installing ceiling fans, and while many of us have tried, it is not always as simple as it seems. All Ceiling fans in your home, should be installed using UL listed Ceiling Fan Rated Boxes. The extra weight, and movement that ceiling fans bring, can cause a standard ceiling box to fail, which can be dangerous to the people below. Just because there is a fan already installed, does not mean the proper box was used.

Each and every ceiling fan installation starts with removal of the existing fan or light fixture. Once the existing box is exposed our electricians check the rating of the box. If your existing boxes are not fan rated, the experts at Down Home have the solution. The old fixture box can be removed, and special fan rated boxes installed, many times with no damage to the existing finishes in your home.

The professionals at Down Home Electric can help you ensure, that nice summer breeze, is installed properly, and does not become a real HEADACHE.

Did you know, Ceiling fans are not just for those hot summer months? Most standard ceiling fans can be reversed easily during the cold winter months, keeping the cold breeze from blowing directly on you, while increasing the efficiency of heating your home. Running the fans in reverse works in the winter by pulling the cold air up and pushing the warm air down back down from the ceilings, and back down into the living space!

Under Cabinet Lighting

Task lighting in the kitchen is an essential upgrade for a highly functional kitchen. The refreshed and updated look of modern LED undercabinet lighting can make a world of difference in your kitchen or any countertop workspace. Undercabinet lighting brings the light right where you need it eliminating shadows and dark spots making your daily kitchen routine easier, safer and more enjoyable.

In most every kitchen with counter top outlets the professionals at Down Home Electric can offer solutions to bring you kitchen into the 21st century. Both unit mounted switch controlled, and in wall mounted switches can be utilized for your undercabinet lights to give you the power to shine a little light right where you want it, when you need it.

New LED units are slim and hide perfectly in most every cabinet set up. Many units also come with high/low light settings and even light "temperature" selectors.

Most units can also be controlled by wall mounted dimmer switches in most cases for a nice accent light when not in use that really ties your kitchen together

Dimmer switches

Whether you are sitting down with the family to watch a movie, or at the dinner table for a nice romantic dinner, dimmer switches can transform your homes lighting. Contact Down Home Electric today, and let us help shine a little (or a lot) of light on the situation.

New LED lights require that specific LED rated dimmers be installed for proper function, as well as extending the life of your new investment into LED fixtures or lamps. Ever noticed those new LED can lights you just upgraded flickering or not properly dimming. It is possible that your dimmer or LEDs are not properly rated for dimming.

The experts at Down Home Electric can ensure that when you flip the switch, you get exactly the lighting you want when you want it.

Occupancy sensors and smart lighting controls

These days homeowners need to save every cent they can, wherever they can. Let the professionals at Down Home Electric Help shave down that electric bill by installing Occupancy switching in areas where the lighting is often left burning dollars and cents while not in use.

Occupancy sensor technology has come a long way utilizing new "dual" technology for consistent more accurate lighting control than ever before. Available in both wall mounted and ceiling mounted units, Down Home Electric can help select the occupancy sensors to fit your unique needs.

Today there are options in smart switching, utilizing your homes Wi-Fi connections, that bring control of your electrical system to you, rather you are at home or on the go.

Going on a trip and can't remember if you left your exterior lighting on for extra security? Now you don't have to double back and flip that switch. Many smart switching options can also be programed to turn on and off when you want them automatically, to save hassle, money on your power bill and make that dark walk into your home safer by turning on the exterior or interior lights, when you normally arrive home.

Just snuggled into bed for a long winter nap, only to realize you left the living room lights on? All you need is a connected device and your lighting control is always at your finger tips.

Let Down Home Electric help modernize your homes lighting controls today, with a custom designed switching system to fit your wants and needs.

Remodels and Upgrades

With years and years in the new construction and Remodeling business Down Home Electric has the experience and the know how to help that big renovation go smoothly. We know the right questions to ask while in the planning stage to make sure you get the most out of your plans from your electrical system.

From working directly with home owners to contractors and sub contractors, our friendly and knowledgeable Electricians will coordinate and cooperate, to get the job done efficiently.

Remodeling can be exciting but can also be a very stressful process. Choose Down Home Electrical for you next renovation, and rest assured that your project will receive the attention to detail you expect, so you can focus on other things.

Property Managers/Rental properties

Real estate is one of the best investments a person can make. Whether you have a single rental property, a duplex or even a whole apartment complex trust your electrical needs to Down Home Electric.

Dealing with electrical issues in a rental setting requires a contractor who knows how to speak to your tenants, and owners or managers to coordinate repairs. With years of experience with several property managers and landlords, trust your property and your tenants are in good hands.

When the lights go out at your rental time is of the essence and you can count on Down Home Electric, to provide safe and efficient solutions for you and your tenants to get the lights back on, and a smile back on everyone's face.

Electrical Service/ Breaker Panel Upgrades

Just buy a new to you house and that old rusty breaker panel in the laundry room making you nervous. Looking at that new hot tub and unsure if you have the Juice to handle it? The electricians at Down Home Electric are panel experts. Contact us today, for a panel inspection, and let us come take a look "under the hood".

Many of the major manufactures' panels are made to last up to 50 years, with some of the major brands still sold today without many major changes. Most breakers have an expected life span of 30-40 years, with an average of around 35 years of service. In many cases your panels life can be extended several years with a full breaker replacement. A properly installed panel can provide many many years of continuous and trouble-free service.

The current Electrical code requires several of the home's circuits have new protective breakers that also provide additional protection to you your guests and your home. AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters) are Designed to detect the smallest of electrical Arcs, that can cause an electrical fire. GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) are designed to protect people in your home from electrical shock in and outside the home, or anywhere that electricity and water may meet. While these devices are a good deal more expensive than standard breakers, but are now required in many circumstances, to save property or even your life.

Many factors can cause this life expectancy to be diminished including moisture causing corrosion, heat damage due to improper installations, faulty materials and or workmanship. The pros at Down Home Electric can help you select whether your panel is in good working order, in need of a simple tune up, or if it is time for an upgrade or replacement.

There are cases where your breaker panel could be a major hazard to your home and your family, even if it has never given you trouble. Panels manufactured by Federal Pacific, and Zinsco should be replaced immediately. These panels have been found to pose major safety hazards, to the point where some home insurance companies may even refuse to insure your home.

Is your panel full up, but you're looking to upgrade the back yard with that dream hot tub, or maybe adding in a workshop space in the shed or basement? Did a limb fall on the wires coming into your home and now your Electric meter requires repair? We are here to help build out your system to handle anything you can throw at it. Down home Electrical can build a plan for your system, be it installation of an additional sub panel fed from your existing system, or a whole new service. We have your back to make sure your system delivers what you want, when you want, where you want it.